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Meet First Lady Sonya Ross

First Lady Sonya Ross recalls attending church with her mother and recognizing the importance of righteousness and the lifestyle of holiness early in life. When she visited her grandma, she frequently overheard her singing gospel tunes. As young Sister Ross journeyed through her adolescent and teenage years, those memories guided her in her personal relationship with God.
After graduating high school. Sister Ross attended Jackson State University (Jackson, MS) majoring in Real Estate. It was at Jackson State, that she met her future husband, Porter Ross, Jr. They fell in love and were married a few years later. The newlyweds quickly adapted to family life, purchasing their first home and joining Family Life Church of God in Christ in 1995, under the late Elder Herman Littleton, Sr. Shortly after joining, Sister Ross gave her life to Christ and followed the footsteps of her mother and grandmother, raising their children in the admonition of God. 

Upon the passing of Elder Herman Littleton, Jr, the church merged with Greater Deliverance Church of God in Christ (Byram, MS) under the leadership of Elder Daniel Littleton. Sister Ross was immediately assigned to the Sunday School Department as a Junior Class teacher after joining Greater Deliverance. She used her artistic abilities to create lesson-based projects to make learning more enjoyable for her students. She was also named Vacation Bible School Coordinator by Elder Littleton and quickly implemented expansions to the existing program to include adult sessions, a talent showcase, a celebration dinner, award presentations, and festival activities.
On October 10th, 2021 Elder Ross was appointed as Pastor of Mars Hill Church of God in Christ by Bishop Daniel Littleton, under the leadership of District Superintendent Eric Loving and District Missionary Rosie Harris.  Appointed by District Missionary Rosie Harris, Lady Ross currently serves District 12 - Department of Women as an Executive Board Member.
Lady Ross has been married to her husband, Pastor Porter Ross, Jr. for 34 years, and together they have 3 sons, 2 granddaughters, and 1 grandson.

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Servant > Family Life COGIC 

  • Primary Class Sunday School 

  •  Vacation Bible School Coordinator

Servant > Greater Deliverance COGIC

  • Junior Class Sunday School Teacher

  • Vacation Bible School Coordinator

Servant > District 15 · MSFEJ COGIC 

  • Executive Board Member,
    Department of Women
    District Missionary Rosie Harris 
    District Superintendent

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